Worker at my custom work at fairs, exhibitions, events and promotions.Fotos hostess 10
Our Team is known for its attractiveness , elegance and kindness.
Gladly present without obligation our deals for different types of events. In addition , we offer translation services, models for photo shooting or staff for their planned events.
The satisfaction of our customers by hiring our staff at our agency is of great significance for us .
Expectations expected by our customers are obvious. For this reason we are glad to provide our services to your complete satisfaction.

competitive bids:

  • attractive visual appearance
  • Exelentes manners
  • Sufficient levels of knowledge in at least two languages : german and English
  • qualified and trained personnel
  • Exelentes references

Other services :

  • receipt the reception and the support service
  • We care about the welfare of clients and guests
  • The distribution of catalogs and promotional products make also part of our tasks
  • We support the product presentation
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